Double Bar Graph Maker

Double Bar Graph Maker Features

  • Change the background color according to your choice.
  • Change the position of Legend as you need.
  • Change the color of title and legend to your choice.
  • Download Bar Graph as .jpg, .png or .svg.
  • Set Bar colors as per your choice.
  • Enter data in your favourite format. Comma separated or space separated

What is Double Bar Graph ?

A double bar graph, also known as a double bar chart or dual bar graph, is a type of chart that displays two sets of related data side by side using pairs of bars. This type of graph is used to compare and contrast two different data sets within the same categories. Each category on the x-axis has two bars associated with it, one for each data set being compared.

The bars can be placed next to each other or stacked on top of each other, depending on the layout chosen. This allows viewers to quickly compare the values of the two data sets and identify any patterns, differences, or similarities between them. Double bar graphs are particularly useful when you want to visualize how two different variables or data sets change over time, across different groups, or in response to different conditions. They provide a clear and concise way to display these relationships and make data-driven insights more accessible.