Stacked Bar Graph Maker

Stacked Bar Graph Maker Features

  • Change the background color according to your choice.
  • Change the position of Legend as you need.
  • Change the color of title and legend to your choice.
  • Download Bar Graph as .jpg, .png or .svg.
  • Set Bar colors as per your choice.
  • Enter data in your favourite format. Comma separated or space separated
  • Create Stacked Bar with just one click.

What is Stacked Bar Graph ?

A stacked bar graph, also referred to as a stacked bar chart, is a type of chart that depicts data using a series of bars, with each bar representing a specific category. However, unlike a regular bar graph where the bars are separate, in a stacked bar graph, the bars are divided into segments or "stacks" that represent different subcategories or components of the main category.

In a stacked bar graph, the total height or length of each bar represents the total value for that category, and the individual segments within the bar represent the proportions of different subcategories within that total value. Each segment is typically colored differently to differentiate the subcategories.