Segmented Bar Graph Maker

Segmented Bar Graph Maker Features

  • Change the background color according to your choice.
  • Change the position of Legend as you need.
  • Change the color of title and legend to your choice.
  • Download Bar Graph as .jpg, .png or .svg.
  • Set Bar colors as per your choice.
  • Enter data in your favourite format. Comma separated or space separated
  • Create Segmented Bar with just one click.

What is Segmented Bar Graph ?

A segmented bar graph is a graphical representation of data that uses a series of bars to display information about different categories or groups. In this type of graph, each bar is divided into segments, and each segment represents a sub-category or a specific value within the main category. The primary purpose of a segmented bar graph is to show the composition and distribution of a whole into its constituent parts. Each segment's length within a bar is proportional to the value it represents, and the segments are stacked on top of each other to display the total value for each main category.

Segmented bar graphs are commonly used when you want to showcase the relationship between parts and the whole. They are effective for illustrating data sets that have multiple dimensions or components and allow for easy comparison across categories. These graphs are useful for conveying both the individual values within sub-categories and the overall distribution across the main categories.